Stella | FOUR

Stella Sky’s 4th birthday photographs.

4 1/2 months late. Mom fail.

image1 (22)

image1 (24)

Her initials and age.

image1 (23)

I told her to sit on the rock. She did and then purposely gave me this pose. Natural.

image1 (25)

Her footprints.

image1 (26)

Always in the water. Forever our little beach baby.

image1 (27)

image1 (29)

Her little smirks get us every time.

image1 (31)

Still can’t believe she’s FOUR.

image1 (20)

Her silly personality (and road rash) captured perfectly.

image1 (30)

Carefree. Parental win.

image1 (28)

And then she rubbed her eyes and I saw her as a bitty baby again.

image1 (21)

It didn’t last long. After our photoshoot I looked in the rearview mirror feeling more than sentimental and she gave me this look. I swear I seen her heading off to college. Tears. Like Niagara Falls.


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