Family Camping Trip | Summer 2015

We’ve been talking about doing a big family camping trip since we returned to the states a year ago and this past weekend it HAPPENED! It was a fun-filled weekend that was planned on a whim. Magically two campsites were available and Jane Wayne Day (aka Marine Wive’s Day) was switched to a Family Day midweek. The planning couldn’t have been more perfect! I think it’s safe to say that all SEVENTEEN of us had an amazing time.

image17 (1)

The family that stays together, camps together.

image1 (1)

Early birds catch the Family Day worm. It tasted like dirt, sweat, and tasty BBQ.

image4 (1)

It was a bumpy ride but we had fresh air (YES!) so we didn’t puke. High five.

image3 (1)

First weapon I’ve EVER fired. Not a bad choice to start off with if I say so myself.


Ruby and her “Bertney” cooling off after our full day in the heat playing Marines.


A little chub. A little sass. Perfection.


Stella and her Emma. Cousins are the greatest and our girls are so blessed to have the best.


The need to explore is strong in this one.


Catching waves brings out his million dollar smile hardly anyone ever sees.


Meet my boyfriend.


Volleyball catch with Braelyn.image15 (1)

They look more and more alike every single day.


Drawn to the sunset as if her middle name was Sky or something.

image2 (1)

We’re all sorts of happy when we sleep outdoors and wake up here. I mean, look! Everyone is smiling.


Waking up to the dolphins makes it all the more magical.

image14 (1)

Had to save the best for the last. I couldn’t pick just one, so you get my favorite three of our favorite seven. The last one may take the cake though. Brett and Ruby are over it. Outtakes are always winners in my opinion.


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