Yosemite | Mother’s Day Weekend | Part 4

DAY 4 CONTINUED | Yosemite Valley picnic and Glacier Point.


Kite flying in front of El Capitan.


Relaxing on the log and watching a real cliffhanger. It was punnier at the moment. This photo gives zero justice to how majestic El Capitan looks in person.


This is as close as I could get with my 200mm.


“Ruby flies in Yosemite” number FOUR.


A fort for two (and maybe a third) made of iris’. Totally unstaged.


There’s no where I’d rather be on Mother’s Day than watching the kiddos run circles in this meadow. Photo credit: Lindsey Kettenton.


Our littlest adventurer.


Not sure what her fascination was with this very tree, but she was smitten. We joked that she’s a tree hugger.


And then she hugged it. I’m not making this up.


My thrill seeker. My wearer of emotions on her sleeve. Forever my little wildflower. She’s a hard one to tame when she’s in her element. The wildness within comes out and despite its disadvantages, I love it all the same.


These people. We love them.


“This is the boy I was telling you about, Dad.” It looks like she’s tattling, but I promise she just excited to see him.


Flying propeller planes with the birds. Or “bird” I should say.


Yosemite Valley essentials. Pocket kite not pictured.


Climbing trees is awesome! Until your fearlessness falls by the wayside and you realize falling could hurt really, really bad.


Glacier Point! I have too many, but this may be my most favorite view in Yosemite. Having him in the photo makes it even better. Bow chicka wow wow. P.s. It was freezing, but we were headed home. Rainbows forever.


The only thing to soothe a toddler from waking too early from a nap (oh the tears!) is letting her tickle her little sister. After, it was non-stop adventure from these two. The stories, the lizard, the squirrel, and then tears again.


I know some may be wondering, “Why Yosemite again?” We want to explore all over, but Yosemite is like an enthralling book that you can’t put down. We may have finished two chapters now, but the book is still unfinished. We can’t wait to create even more memories here by exploring new areas and visiting the same nostalgic places that make our nature loving souls come alive. I’m not entirely sure we’ll ever be able to finish reading this gorgeous book, but that’s not going to stop us from trying. “Let’s face it, the desire to explore and see new places is something that burns inside of just about everyone of us. We’re nothing short of blessed to live in a world so big and abundant in beauty.” Until next time, Yosemite.



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