Yosemite | Mother’s Day Weekend | Part 3

DAY 3 CONTINUED | Tunnel View and other views.

image1 (1)

Obligatory Tunnel View photo because that view never gets old. Half Dome is hiding behind the clouds and pretty please don’t judge my messy mop. It had been a long exciting day.


“Ruby flies in Yosemite!” number three!


Met in Virginia, lived in Okinawa together, and now living it up as long distance neighbors in the Golden State. She’s beautiful, kind, and absolutely hilarious. So thankful the Lord crossed our paths.


My wildflower running free. Photo credit: Lindsey Kettenton


Photobombing pro.


My bae. Man braces are HAWT. Photo credit: Josh Kettenton


Bridalveil Fall at sunset. I mean, WOW. God, you are seriously amazing.


I love driving through Yosemite Valley in the evening. There’s practically no one there. Serious perfection. Another photobombing win.


Like I shared, the valley is oh so quiet and tranquil in the evenings. I didn’t want to leave.

DAY 4 | Wildflower picking, Yosemite Valley picnic, and Glacier Point.


Breakfast alfresco never looked more delicious. Those cheeks.


The eldest kiddos and mommas picked wildflowers. Happy Mother’s Day to us!


On the hunt for those precious petals.


Al fine! The flowers are already pressed (as of today) and ready to be put in a frame. I think I will make this a fun tradition for all of our big camping trips. I’ll be hanging it in the girls’ room.


Too busy to smile, but she did hold it up like a champ.


Packing up is hard work. Poor babe was exhausted. Sweet dreams, Ruberry


Packed and ready for home, but not until we complete another day’s worth of adventure. Special thanks to our Jeep Compass for getting us places safely. No, I didn’t get paid for that.


A look at our Mother’s Day picnic. No greater place, than one of God’s greatest playgrounds.

Yosemite | Mother’s Day Weekend | Part 4 coming tomorrow! 


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