Yosemite | Mother’s Day Weekend | Part 1

DAY 1 | Our second Yosemite adventure started in the afternoon on a Thursday. As we started nearing our campsite just outside the west gate of Yosemite the weather made a turn for the worse. What started out as sprinkling, turned to heavy downpour, and then snow. We had been on the road for seven hours at this point, the girls needed out, David’s face turned to worry, and I began to pray out loud. I was freaking out! We’re tent campers. Sure David and I would camp in the snow, but we would NEVER do so with our babes. Thankfully our campsite had available cabins with heat. Did you catch that last part? Heat. YES! Prayers answered. We made our cabin a home while the girls ran amuck inside. It was symphony of chaos and thankfulness. Despite the intense day, we found ourselves in the middle of an empty Yosemite Valley that evening. Not sure where we got the energy to do so, but it was glorious. It was meant to be. God knew we needed to be fully surrounded by His awesome creation. It lifted our spirits and we felt rejuvenated. I only captured a few photos from the day, one of which I shared on Instagram that night. The picture says it all. The emotional roller coaster of a day was wiped from our faces and we couldn’t wait to explore. We watched three young coyotes play in the neighboring fields before driving back to our campsite. It snowed beautifully all the way home.

DAY 2 | Snow fun and Bridalveil Fall.

image1 (79)

Our darling girls had only seen snow once. And that was on the drive up! We knew we needed to carve a small part of the day to let them experience it firsthand.

image1 (80)

“Momma, I just LOVE the snow!”

image1 (81)

Following our fearless leader. On more than one occasion she requested she go by the name, “Pocahontas.”

image1 (82)

These boots were made for walking. And exploring. And adventuring. And any other word that means awesome outdoor trekking.

image1 (83)

Her cuteness melted the snow. And our hearts.

image1 (85)

And then she flew! Be prepared for a series called “Ruby flies in Yosemite!”

image1 (84)

Hunting for deer with their eyes at the beginning of our small hike to Bridalveil Fall.

image1 (86)

Spotted! Actually, no more spots. Hello, young buck.

image1 (89)

Bridalveil Fall. The people hiking through rock towards it doesn’t give it enough justice. Large, in-charge, and oh so glorious.

image1 (87)


image1 (90)

My tribe.

image1 (88)

My girls.

image1 (95)

Nature’s see-saw.

image1 (96)

Her first real hike since she can walk and already looking like a pro.

image1 (97)

We ate lunch with a very respectful raven. It didn’t have three eyes in case you wondering. Stella, Ruby, and the raven, Edgar, became immediate friends. And not just because they randomly dropped remnants of their pb&j’s. We were all kind of sad to say goodbye.

image1 (98)

After lunch exploring. Look at the smiles! Swoon. Edgar was in the nearby tree.

image1 (92)

Talk about planting firmly on a rock. Trees located on tippy-tops of mountains make my heart happy.

image1 (93)

We’ve got neighbors back at camp!

image1 (94)

Reunited and it feels so good!

Yosemite | Mother’s Day Weekend | Part 2 coming tomorrow!


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