Adventures | The Flower Fields in Carlsbad

Once you’ve lived in Okinawa and attended too many flower festivals to count you can’t help but crave another petal filled experience. Japan and dear friend, Amanda, no doubt influenced and helped grow my love of flowers during the three years we lived overseas. Our home is constantly filled with real flowers. We have a flower budget. Not even kidding! Sadly, there aren’t many flower festivals here, but we’re fortunate enough to live near a huge flower field that opens for two months out of the year. I’m talking 50 acres of blooming goodness!

image1 (37)

Our flower loving gal was smitten.

image1 (30)

Seriously. It was love at first sight!

image1 (31)

image1 (33)

Ridiculously beautiful ranunculus blooms.

image1 (34)

Give me all the pretties!

image1 (29)

Our baby isn’t looking much like a baby these days.

image1 (32)

image1 (35)

Ranunculus fields forever.

image1 (36)

image1 (38)

I wanted to snuggled up right here with a pen and paper and start writing a book.

image1 (39)

There were hundreds to choose from, but this was my favorite rose in the rose garden.


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