Birthday | Ruby Turns ONE

image1 (7)

A look at Ruby Rose’s intimate garden party.

image1 (6)

Menu: fresh fruit, sandwich bar, panzanella salad, zuppa toscana (hearty soup on the stove), homemade blueberry and apple galettes (previous picture), and lemon blueberry cake. Can you tell blueberries are her favorite?

image1 (5)

Ruby Rose’s first birthday cake.

image1 (8)

Everyone was able to take home a flower planting kit. Kit included: tin pot, beach rocks, soil, and a flower packet.

image1 (9)

My whole world.

image1 (23)

Thanks to my sweet niece, she captured this beauty and I am forever thankful. (She also captured the previous photo on my big camera too!) “Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday dear Ruby…”


Just a little taste.

image1 (13)

Filled with blueberries. Obviously.

image1 (14)

In her own little cake devouring world.

image1 (15)

I could kiss that messy face all day everyday.

image1 (11)

These girls are my girls’ favorites. Minus one cousin.

image1 (10)

She was spoiled to say the least.

image1 (17)

She was all about it. The joyful squeals were endless.

image1 (16)

Her beloved ball that big sister is hijacking. That $2 ball was the present winner for sure.

image1 (18)

Large gift bags keep kiddos occupied just as much as boxes.

image1 (19)

While the one-year-old napped the big girls acted out their teenage years. Heaven help us.

image1 (21)

Awake, happy, and ready to ride her new tricycle!

image1 (20)

Radio Flyer twinning. How cute is this?

image1 (22)

And after all the guests left they rode bikes together, shared an ice cream cone together, and loved on each other. These two are the sweetest sisters. It was a perfect ending to Ruby’s birthday festivities.


One thought on “Birthday | Ruby Turns ONE

  1. AW! Cutest little 1st birthday! I loove all your pictures and i’m so happy to see you updating your blog ❤ That picture of all of you is definitely a framer 😉 Happy Birthday lil Ru!

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