Camping | Valentine’s Day Weekend

An extended look at our amazing Valentine’s Day weekend up at O’neil Park!

image1 (41)

This ain’t her first rodeo.

image1 (43)

Exploring after we set up camp.

image1 (44)

We found a park! All I think of when I see this photo is, “Oh boy! Oh boy! OH BOY!” Can you tell she loves the slide?

image1 (40)

Snug as bugs.

image1 (42)

She woke up with the sun and then declared at breakfast that she wants to live here.

image1 (36)

I’m not one for posting photos of myself. Especially right when I wake-up, but I’ve been reminded that my girls will enjoy seeing them. This one’s for you, two.

image1 (45)

Hiking back is always funner. Especially when it’s downhill.

image1 (39)

I’d say the excitement is over camping, but its really about her first bite of pretzel bread.

image1 (50)

She rode her bike everywhere and we loved following along.

image1 (51)

Ruby got to ride like a big girl! I think we’ll have to invest in another soon.

image1 (46)

We climb trees too.

image1 (47)

Who’s this big kid and what has she done with our baby?

image1 (37)

I love her love for nature. She dives in head first. Literally. Her roots are not that brown, folks!

image1 (38)

Jump! It’s what you do when you hang with a toddler. Ruby approves.

image1 (49)

My shadow.

image1 (48)

This chicky and her messy bun did not want to leave, but we promised to return soon. She’s talked about putting up the tent everyday since we left. Girl, has got priorities! And much like her momma, camping is near the top of that list.


3 thoughts on “Camping | Valentine’s Day Weekend

  1. I found your blog after following Marshall’s Abroad and I love your Instagram feed! You have such a beautiful family. Thank you for sharing your photography talent. You truly are an inspiration!!

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