The old man rose from grabbing the tightly wrapped newspaper off the driveway wondering how many more times he’ll be able to accomplish such a feat. He shuffled along, eying his beloved rocking chair staged perfectly on the clean wrap-around porch. He settled in nicely as the chair creaked with excitement to have its owner home. His bright-eyes captured birds flying in the distance and an overflowing rose bush that needed trimming. He wrote himself a mental note: Clip roses. Make bouquet. Pull the moves on wifey. He ended his note with a frisky grin and remembered the newspaper that was clinched tightly in his left hand. He unwrapped the newspaper, not fearing the old cracked rubber band. To his surprise an envelope fell onto his lap. His surname was written on the center with no return address in sight. Immediate excitement rose and curiosity was getting the better of him. He called for his wife while he opened the envelope. Enclosed was a piece of paper wrapped around five twenty-dollar bills. The paper was blank. His wife emerged from the house carrying a warm cup of water with lemon. He looked up at her with tears welling. His eyes spoke to hers. “How did they know we were in need?” Tears streamed from her face as her persistence grew weary in identifying the sender. They embraced feeling thankful. Thankful for the gift wrapped in newspaper.


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